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Are you here to find and buy Gmail accounts? We are the best sellers of Gmail PVA accounts. You will get high-quality phone verified accounts at a reasonable price. Despite the major changes to Gmail in 2015, Google’s dominance of search on the web means that the site can be beneficial as a place for businesses to maintain a presence.

There is no easier way to increase the visibility of your content on Google search than to encourage comments, shares, and +1s the social network’s equivalent of Facebook likes on your Gmail account. You will have to commit to building a Gmail community against competing for social networks, especially Facebook and Pinterest, neither of which have undergone such a dramatic transition. One of the biggest criticisms of the redesign is that, at present, there is no way to leave reviews on brand pages.

Marketing Strategy with Gmail PVA accounts

That entire aside, if you and your audience are prepared to put in the time and effort, then the opportunity remains. Gmail Profile Optimization a solid Gmail marketing strategy begins with a profile that knocks the socks off customers and prospects. Here’s how to make that happen. Use the following tips to build, brand, improve search engine ranking and form relationships using Gmail. Buy phone verified Gmail accounts and brand page, not a profile page.

As with Facebook; make sure you create a Gmail brand page for your business rather than another personal profile. Google My Business is that means for businesses, products, brands, artists, and organizations to manage their online presence with Google.

Social Media Marketing

When you add your business mistreatment Google My Business, you’ll automatically create a Gmail page. Customers who follow your business page can show appreciation and give feedback with post and comments, and they’ll also be able to use the +1 button to endorse products and services on Google Search, Maps, or on ads.

Assuming you already have a personal Google account setup, visit to begin, then click the plus (+) icon from the Brand Pages tab to add a Gmail page. Enter your business name, website, and what type of page you want to create.

Verify your business by SMS or voice call, and you’re ready to begin. If your business has a physical location, click the Locations tab to add details. Buy bulk Gmail accounts and Local pages are indexed in Google search results, and display reviews, additional details, and photos of business beside it reviews can no longer be submitted on Gmail.

As a result, a well-produced Local page that includes all of your most important business information has a good chance of getting high engagement with users. Gmail Local users also receive prompts to review your business if they search for it on Google. Upload a compelling cover image, grab my template.

Use your Gmail cover image to express your brand image, tell people where you are, showcase new products, advertise upcoming events, or for whatever you like, really. As of November 2013, the recommended size is 1080 pixels × 608 pixels, and the smallest image size you are allowed to upload is 480 pixels × 270 pixels. By uploading the larger size, you ensure that your cover will be seen in its best light on mobiles and desktops.

Download a Gmail cover photo template optimized for desktop and mobile screens and lots of other nice stuff via the Premium Content Bundle chapter of this book. Add a circular profile photo or a transparent logo The Gmail profile image switched from a square to a circle in March 2013.

Its minimum size is 250 × 250 pixels and this will be scaled down to 104 × 104 pixels when resized. If you have a square company logo, you might find it tricky to get it to fit fully inside Gmail’s profile photo circle on your page, even with the cropping and sizing tools that present themselves when you upload.

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The trick here is to upload your profile image as a .png file with a transparent background. Upon upload, drag the cropping edges right to the corners so that the whole image will show on your business page. If your image still doesn’t look right at this stage, click on it from your profile and choose more and buy Gmail accounts instant delivery from the menu at the top.

In your ‘About’ section, Gmail allows you to add a 140-character tagline to appear underneath your profile’s business name. The tagline acts like an elevator pitch to visitors, will appear as the description when somebody shares your page, and as the first sentence when your Gmail page is found in Google search.

Keep it short, snappy, descriptive and keyword-rich, or as a message to explain who you are and what you and your business is all about. Gmail might not have as much mainstream appeal as its competitors, but some of its features especially discussion and conferencing tools make it an extremely powerful destination for relationship building if the site is where your audience or prospects like to hang out. Let’s take a look at some ways to maximize the impact of your approach.

Search Engine Optimization

Share top content, boost your SEO Your Gmail audience may differ to those on Facebook and Twitter, so get to know them by asking questions, polling, sharing great and relevant content, and interacting. Posting great content on Gmail does more than reach out to your circles and other users it also markets to search engines.

Anytime you post content to Gmail, Google immediately indexes it, giving you faster exposure to new viewers. When you share a link to an article on your Gmail page whether it is your own content or someone else’s write the first sentence of the post mindfully with relevant keywords and phrases. The first sentence is of a post that makes up part of the title tag in search results and can affect its ranking.

If you notice that your post isn’t getting much attention, try editing the text you used to see if that improves things.